We have cracked the code on
 sustainable salmon farming in Sweden

Inland Based

So, why shift from ocean to land based farming?

The environment around us is getting more and more polluted. The natural habitat for fish is being destroyed. It has become a known fact that ocean-based fish farming unfortunately is also polluting the local underwater eco systems.

Next generation of Swedish Food Tech

Today’s traditional RAS, land-based salmon farms are mainly located at coastal areas and access and disposal of large water volumes in and out of the process is required.

Sweden is one of the most environment-focused countries in the world and have been restrictive to coastal based traditional land-based salmon farming due to preservation of local eco systems with strict environmental rules.

The technology has due to high environmental criterias been driven forward and Premium Svensk Lax AB has been incorporating the very latest food tech into what we call Inland-based salmon farming.

We’re creating the most sustainable, healthy and locally fresh salmon for the Swedish consumer. Providing a better alternative at the supermarket and the dinner table.

By following the high expectations from our end-consumers and environmental legislation using the latest proven technology, we have created Inland based salmon farming. The future of salmon farming and the future of Food Tech.

We have cracked the code

We are very proud to say that we now finally have cracked the code and developed a sustainable Inland based salmon farm project for 10.000 MT of premium quality Atlantic Salmon.

We have managed to tick all the boxes fulfilling the strict regulations of the Swedish government. Historically for Sweden, it is the very first land-based salmon farm ever getting an environmental license to produce salmon on Swedish soil.

Premium Svensk Lax’s line of salmon products will live up to the Swedish end-consumer high expectations regarding sustainable and healthy, fresh food.


of the water can be recycled

Premium Svensk Lax AB’s Inland-based salmon farming technology requires 10 times less water than traditional land-based fish farms
— and 99,99% of the water used can be recycled.

The 0,01% that we do reject is completely cleaned in our own water treatment before discharged to the local wastewater treatment plants. Our salmon is hatched, farmed, harvested, processed and packaged in our own facility in Säffle.

By integrating the whole process, we can significantly reduce transport logistics costs and bring major environmental benefits.