Premium salmon farming with no
impact on the environment

Our Facility

An opportunity for Sweden to become self-sufficient on salmon

Our 88 tanks represent different growth stages from first feed to big grow-out tanks, which are as much as 25 meters in diameter. All tanks through the different stages has water-current adjusted to the size of the salmon for it to swim at natural pace in clean water and get optimal quality with less fat.

Our facility will in a sustainable way produce annually 23.2 Million meals of locally fresh, healthy and premium quality salmon to be found in supermarkets across Sweden.

We will harvest 40 Tons of Salmon per day, five times per week — meaning we will be able to deliver 20% of the total consumption of salmon in Sweden in our first facility.

Since our Inland-based salmon farming facilities has no requirement for coastal areas, we can focus on being close to our customers and are planning to expand with more projects across Sweden.

58.800 m² facility in Säffle, complete with a 5000 m² value-adding processing plant.

With land-based salmon farming, the fish is protected from disease, meaning no antibiotics are required. Expectations being a more sustainable, healthy and fresher.

Fresh, healthy salmon – 100% free from environmental toxins

58.800 m2

Inland Based facility

Premium Svensk Lax AB’s Inland-based salmon farm will be built in Säffle, Sweden. On our 150,600 m² of land our 58,800 m² facility will house 88 separate tanks where we farm the salmon from egg to harvest. Our facility will be built to obtain optimal fish health, where the salmon will only get feed that is dioxin free and rich in nutrition.

5000 m2

Processing plant

In our facility in Säffle, we will be integrating a 5000m² state-of-the-art value-adding processing plant that enable us to deliver a variety of fresh salmon products, ready for the supermarkets.The facility will be close to our customers’ distribution centers and will deliver fresh products directly to the supermarkets in a matter of hours from harvesting.

Contributing to circular economy

Through our external partners, we contribute to a fully circular economy. Our partners will produce clean pet food of our by-products and all sludge waste will be turned into to biogas and bio fertilizer products.