Today’s situation is unsustainable


An opportunity for Sweden to become self-sufficient on salmon farming

In ocean-based net-pen farming, there is no cleaning filter or protection separating fish from the ocean. This means several external challenges in relation to fish health and the environment; All feed given to the fish goes back into the sea as untreated fish sewage or wasted feed, polluting the ocean.

Fish death occurs often by causes such as algae attack and diseases like fish lice and ILA, pushing the need for medicine and pesticides. The salmon in the nets is exposed to microplastics and chemicals – as well as to predators.

Another issue is that the domesticated salmon sometimes escape into the open water and mix with wild salmon, ruining the wild salmon genetics. The media, governments and consumers are realizing that it is damaging the local eco systems and demand improvement.

With land-based salmon farming, the fish is protected from disease, meaning no antibiotics are required.

Thanks to our Inland-based technology, these challenges do not apply to us. We deliver premium quality salmon — 100% free from environmental toxins and pesticides. We are Premium Svensk Lax AB.

Premium from egg to harvest.

Premium Svensk Lax.